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Nordic Men’s Gathering Video

Hvad vil det sige at være mand idag? Hvad har vi brug for? Hvad har kvinder brug for fra deres mænd?

Hør nogle af buddene fra Nordic Men’s Gathering her:

New new edit – 850+ shares – closing in on 50,000 views! woop woop!New edit… 560 shares, 32,000 views ;)edit: this has gone great – 150!! shares in less than a day – have tagged a few more people who I'd love to see it – and please share if it moves you – big love. :)—Lots of very deep and profound talk about the need for healing between the sexes over the last few days. Interesting for me as I've been deep in the edit for some of the films that I shot at the Nordic Men's Gathering – where I was touched by many of the messages from the young men we filmed there. For me, spreading men's work is all about creating a new story of masculinity, men helping other men become accountable and solid in their sense of themselves as men – men in their power and authenticity treat women with honour and respect. I truly believe this work is essential – particularly right now where men are (often rightly) being challenged like never before. Please watch the video – and we are in the process of creating Men's Movement 2.0 – in collaboration with both men and women – who, in my experience understand the need for their men to do this work better than most men do…

Opslået af David Fuller på 18. oktober 2017

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